About me.

Hi my name is Ven.Greg Nanadhaja.

I am originally from New Zealand but am now a buddhist monk at the Buddhist Hermitage in Lunas, Malaysia.I ordained on sept 10 2010 at 15:25 p.m.

I have been a practicing buddhist for around 8 years now after going to listen to HHDL who was giving a 2 week public talk in India.

Although it was through the Vajrayana(Tibetan)tradition that I come to be interested in buddhism I eventually found that I was drawn more to the Theravada tradition and so spent the last 6 years in Thailand learning vipassana meditation in the tradition of Mahasi Sayadaw and speaking to monks about their lives.

Earlier this year(february)I was sitting in my apartment in Chiang Mai eating some cake,when some crumbs fell to the floor.In no time a trail of ants had wandered in and were busily taking away bits of my crumbs.As I sat there observing their behaviour it came to my mind that the chances of being born a human being were amazingly small compared to the chance of being born as an insect or a fish etc.At that point I made the decision that the next time I returned to asia I would put on the robes of a monk.

I returned home for 4 months to work as I had a couple of debts to pay off(you cannot ordain if you are in debt)and while I was there I surfed the internet looking for places where a foreigner could ordain.The process can be a little complicated in Thailand.I started to think about Myanmar(Burma) or Sri Lanka when a dhamma friend who I had met on the internet suggested that I should look at coming to Malaysia and suggested this temple.She had been here before and was impressed by the Sayadaws teaching.

After looking at the temples website I emailed them about my coming here to do a meditation retreat and the possibility of ordaining and they said to come when I was ready and we would take it from there.

Unfortunately it is not always easy to renew your Malaysian visa,and so every 90 days you have to leave and stay out of Malaysia for a week or two,and even then they may not give you the full 90 days when you return.One of the other foreign monks here has had this problem.Malaysia,not being a buddhist nation does not welcome monks quite as quickly as other countries might.

No problem,at the beginning of november,just after kathina I am heading up to Thailand where I have already had an invite to stay at a temple.

Thailand is a country that I like being in and it is easy enough to get a visa for 1 year at a time if you are a monk.This will save me so much time and effort.

I will try to update as much as I can and when possible will start to post some pictures.


About nanadhaja

I am a New Zealander who is currently a buddhist monk in Lunas Malaysia
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